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    USD $1,064.00. Pressure Transducer with SDI output, custom range 0-274m (0-900ft) range, stainless steel case. 60ft of cable and desiccant included. Pressure Transducer quantity. .

  • Premium Pressure Sensors & Transducers Setra Systems

    Pressure Sensors & Transducers. Setra Systems designs and manufactures premium pressure sensors. For over 50 years, Setra has developed a unique understanding of pressure sensing technology. Our team of engineers designs some of the most robust, accurate, and reliable capacitive sensing transducers available. Choose a category below to see our

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    Pressure Sensors. Ashcroft ® pressure sensors, transducers and transmitters are designed to meet harsh installations demands for low or high temperatures, high shock and vibration. Our sensors include a wide selection of models for HVAC/R, food industry, pharmaceutical, off road vehicles, hydraulic and pneumatic and the semiconductor industry.

  • Miniature Pressure Transducer TE Connectivity

    The EPL surface mount pressure sensor is available in ranges from 5 to 1000 psi (0.35 to 70 bar). This pressure sensor is easy to install on flat surfaces using elastomer or epoxy. Various compensated temperature ranges are available from -40°C up to 90°C.

  • Pressure sensors Kistler

    As well as generic pressure sensors, Kistler offers a vast range of customized solutions for pressure measurement in specific applications (see the information box on the right). Kistler offers both piezoelectric and piezoresistive sensors to measure pressure

  • Compact pressure switches for standard applications VEGA

    Learn all about the new compact pressure sensors and level switches. for automation and how they can provide greater visibility in manufacturing processes. VEGA NEWS as digital newspaper Integrated 3D animations and application solutions. Interactive elements and links to YouTube videos. All technical data and drawings of the new sensors.

  • Room pressure monitoring, negative and positive pressure

    The system comprising of pressure sensors continuously monitors the pressure difference and measures the exact pressure at all times. An absolute pressure sensor is a sensor, which measures the pressure of a single room and displays the exact pressure reading. A basic differential pressure sensor consists of two absolute pressure sensors.

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    Pressure transducers are also available in a wide pressure measuring range. We offer a wide range of different non-linearity classes and different output signals. Choose a pressure transducer if your application’s control systems are sophisticated, continual monitoring is needed, and/or high accuracy and repeatability are required.

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    If you want to find out more about ‘ PRESSURE TRANSDUCER’, contact your local Atlas Copco sales office PRESSURE TRANSDUCER Atlas Copco Nigeria homepage

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    TE Connectivity's (TE) American Sensor Technologies (AST) sensors are specially designed for high performance, harsh and extreme environments. This product line includes position and pressure sensors, transducers and related instrumentation to monitor pressure, differential pressure and liquid level. View Products.

  • Transducers Pressure Sensors Load Cells Stellar

    Manufacturer of Pressure, Load/Force/Torque, Displacement, and Temperature Sensors. Stellar Technology designs and manufactures a broad range of application-solution products and one-of-a-kind transducers. Some of our products include pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, load cells, force sensors, torque sensors, temperature transducers and displacement sensors.

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    Pressure Sensors Learn More Diaphragm Seals-Isolators Learn More Accessories Learn More Ashcroft is a trusted source for pressure, temperature, and test instruments around the world. Learn more about how we can help you protect your people, processes, and profits.

  • Pressure Transducers sensors and sensing equipment

    General Purpose Pressure Transducers with Adjustable Zero & Span PX603-PX613-PX605-PX615. This series has a thin film design for excellent long term stability with adjustable zero and span available in several output and connection options.

  • How To Measure Pressure with Pressure SensorsNI

    Aug 26, 2020 · A variable capacitance pressure transducer (Figure 5), measures the change in capacitance between a metal diaphragm and a fixed metal plate. These pressure transducers are generally very stable and linear, but are sensitive to high temperatures and are more complicated to setup than most pressure sensors.

  • Absolute Industrial Pressure Transducer

    AA09A 1-25,000 Torr Baratron® Absolute Pressure Transducer with Bakeable Sensor. All-metal sensor eliminates problems associated with glass, mercury, and liquid gauges Useable resolution of 1 part in 10,000 minimizes the number of transducers for a wide range of pressures Remote electronics allow sensor to operate at temperatures up to 150°C

  • Pressure Switch V.S Pressure Transducer, what’s the

    Dec 31, 2016 · Pressure transmitter Output signal is current loop such as 4-20mA or 0-20mA, which can be transmitted over very long distances with same current flow in all parts of the loop. Pressure transducer Output signal is voltage (sometime mill volt) such as 0-10Vdc, 0/1-5Vdc, 8-24Vdc/ac, 11-30Vdc/ac etc. however we’d admit volt drops and

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    Valve. /. Pressure Transducers. Products. Series 2900. Intrinsically Safe, Explosion-Proof, NEMA 4X Enclosure Current to Pressure Transducer is for the toughest applications in the most hazardous environments. Not position sensitive and the easily accessible zero and span adjustment make field calibration quick and easy.

  • Pressure Transducers and Transmitters Archives Validyne

    P55 General Purpose Pressure Transducer and Transmitter. Rugged DP transmitter. For liquid or gas service. 4-20 mA Two-wire, VDC. Full Scale Ranges from 2.22 inH2O to 10 KPsi. Excellent temperature characteristics. NEMA 4 Housing. 0.25%, 0.1% or better accuracy. Now available in 316SS and Inconel.

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    Choose the right Pressure Transducer with our Product Advisor. Kulite is a global leader in the engineering of transducers, including pressure transducer sensors, with over 350 patents across varying technologies.

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    Business Hours 8 00am5 00pm CST After Hours Support Call or to speak with our answering service.

  • PCB Piezotronics Sensors to measure vibration, acoustics

    PCB ® manufactures sensors used by design engineers and predictive maintenance professionals to test and measure vibration, pressure, force, acoustics, load, and shock in research and development as well as industrial applications. Contact 3425 Walden Avenue Depew, NY USA 800.828.8840 716.684.0001 716.684.0987 Companies PCB Group, Inc. was acquired by MTS Systems Corporation

  • Pressure Transducers Honeywell

    Pressure & differential pressure sensors in either silicon based or foil based strain gage technology perfect for many types of applications. High pressure transducers. 50000 psi to 100000 psi. AE F-250-C port. 0.5% accuracy. Custom 465 Stainless steel wetted material.

  • What is a Pressure Sensor? Types of Pressure Sensors

    Apr 22, 2019 · In a nutshell, a pressure sensor converts the pressure to a small electrical signal that is transmitted and displayed. These are also commonly called pressure transmitters because of this. Two common signals that are used is a 4 to 20 milliamps signal and a 0 to 5 Volts signal. Most pressure sensors work using the piezoelectric effect.

  • Pressure Controllers & Transducers Fast Alicat Scientific

    Alicat offers pressure controllers for use in flowing, dead-ended or vacuum applications. Instruments are available with absolute, gauge or differential pressure sensors for pressure control as high as 3000 psia/psig (or 150 psid) and as low as 10 torr.

  • Pressure Transducer Products Durham Instruments

    EPB Pressure Sensor Probe. EPB is a small pressure probe sensor, small profile, stainless steel, flush mount transducer designed for general media. EPB is offered in pressure ranges from 0-5 to 5000 psi (0-0.35 to 350 bar), vented, sealed, and absolute pressure.

  • Pressure Sensor Accuracy Validyne Engineering

    For differential pressure sensorsthose having a plus and minus full scale range, the same techniques are used to calculate accuracy with the addition of -50%, -100%, -50% and 0% calibration points required (9

  • Pressure Transducers and Transmitters Archives Validyne

    P55 General Purpose Pressure Transducer and Transmitter. Rugged DP transmitter. For liquid or gas service. 4-20 mA Two-wire, VDC. Full Scale Ranges from 2.22 inH2O to 10 KPsi. Excellent temperature characteristics. NEMA 4 Housing. 0.25%, 0.1% or

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    May 13, 2021 · Pressure Transducers, Transmitters & Sensors. From general purpose transducers and transmitters to custom designed solutions to meet the specific needs of unique applications, you will see that our pressure measurement portfolio is diverse. With state-of-the-art Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology for outstanding performance, quality

  • P532 Ultra Low Pressure Transmitter Validyne Engineering

    P532 Ultra Low Pressure Transmitter. Measures ultra-low differential and gauge pressures from 0.10” H2O full-scale. Absolute ranges as low as 0.08 PSIA full-scale. 4-20 mA or 10-50 mA dc output. Available in two- and four-wire configurations. Integral 3 ½ digit liquid crystal local display available.