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     · adapter will snap over the vial cap. Do not remove the adapter housing at this step. 4. Holding the syringe by the barrel, snap the syringe cap off the tip (C). To min imi ze risk of contamination, do not touch the syringe tip with your hand or any surface. Set the syringe aside for further use. 5. Now remove and discard the adapter housing (D).

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     · 4 ®Open the Mix2Vial filter transfer set by peeling off the lid. Do not remove the transfer set from the blister package. 5 Place the Sterile Water for Injection vial on an even, clean surface and hold the vial tight. Take the transfer set together with the blister package and push the spike of the blue adapter end straight down through


    hospira #, clave, 50ml vail adapter w/.22 air filter, 50 ea/cs $ 281.25 per CASE Ships Within Discontinued

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     · CH-62 ChemoClave Vial Spike, 13 mm 50 ChemoClave Vented Vial Spikes A 0.22 micron hydrophobic filter automatically equalizes vial pressure. Allows access to vials with 13 mm, 20 mm, and 28 mm closures. Item Description Case Qty Product Image CH-70 ChemoClave Universal Vented Vial Spike, 20 mm and 28 mm 50 CH-70-5 ChemoClave Universal Vented

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    Number of Y-Sites. Product Image. . 5 mL Vial Adapter with Clave™ Connector. . Bag Access Spike Closed System Transfer Set, Macrobore, Spiros™ Connector, 5 Inch.

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    The BD hazardous drug safety portfolio of products offers the Texium ™ system, which utilizes mechanical valve technology to protect healthcare workers and patients. It includes a needle-free luer-lock connection and bonded syringes, which offer a great workflow advantage, especially when integrated seamlessly with SmartSite ™ valve technology and the Alaris ™ System.

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    2 days ago · Xtrans ®The intelligent pressure monitoring system. DPT-6000 systemPrecision and system diversity in invasive blood pressure monitoring. About us. CODAN. The decisive connection. CODAN is recognised amongst users as a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices, resulting from more than 60 years of research and development.

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    Vial Adapter — with 0.22 micron vent and Clave™ connector. Product Numbers List Number shop.icumed Number EDI Number Filtered No Sterile Pack No Hand Pump No Backcheck Valve No Latex Information Natural rubber latex has not been used in the manufacture of this product Case Information Order Quantity 1 Case (50) Case Size 1 x 50 Cases per Tier 36 Cases per

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    Closed Vial Adaptor. Halo’s Closed Vial Adaptors are intended for closed preparation of drugs. The system is compatible with standard vials with 13mm, 20mm, and 28mm OD necks, which correspond to CVA130, CVA200, and CVA280 respectively.

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     · The filter media allows the passage of air to the atmosphere outside the vial for pressure equalization. In another aspect, a third filter medium is used in the vent of the adapter to allow gas to pass in either direction through it, but prevents bacteria and particulate matter in the atmosphere from reaching the second filter device.

  • Puritan Bennett™ Neonatal Expiratory Filtration System

     · The Puritan Bennett™ neonatal expiratory filtration system, disposable, reduces particles, virus and bacteria in the patient’s exhaled gas while using the Puritan Bennett™ 980 ventilator — protecting the ventilator’s exhalation and spirometry systems and other people in


     · • Filter the reconstituted product to remove potential particulate matter in the solution. Filtering is achieved by using the vial adapter. 1. Warm both unopened KOVALTRY vial and prefilled diluent syringe in your hands to a comfortable temperature (do not exceed 37°C or 99°F). 2. Remove the protective cap from the vial (A).


     · Equashield, LLC is a privately held medical device company with in-depth experience in 1.2 Preparing a Vial Assembly 7 1.3 Preparing a Simple Dose 8 2.5 Filtering Into an IV Bag Using a Disc Filter 23 2.6 Preparing an Ambulatory Pump Cassette 25


     · Obtain immediate medical attention if injury occurs. The procedures below are provided as general guidelines for the reconstitution of Kogenate FS provided with a sterile vial adapter with 15-micrometer filter and a prefilled diluent syringe, which together serve as an alternative needleless

  • Vial Adaptor for 20 mm and 13 mm VialsB. Braun

     · For closed reconstitution and withdrawal of medications with most 20 mm and 13 mm vials (with vial converter ring provided) Majority of hazardous drug compounding can be done with just 3 SKU. Designed to reduce waste, help make implementations easier and reduce confusion. Just compound and go. No need to pre-prime or pre-activate the vial adaptor.

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    A vented vial adapter for reconstitution of a medicament in a vial includes a vent lumen and a medicament lumen. The vent lumen has a cross-sectional area equal to or greater than that of the medicament lumen so that the fluid flow rate through the vent lumen is equal to or greater than that of the medicament lumen. As a result aerosols of the medicament outside the adapter are avoided as is

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    MV0400. Vial access. Chemo-safety universal vented vial access device, 0.2-micron hydrophobic air-venting filter, with SmartSite™ needle-free valve, compatible with 13-mm, 20-mm and 28-mm vial closures. Approximate flow rate > 3,000 mL per hour, residual fluid < 1.2 mL PV < 0.15 mL. 1.6000.

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    Primary Sapphire™ Epidural Set, Microbore, Yellow-Striped Tubing, 0.2 Micron Filter, NRFit™ Connector, 119 Inch 119" / 302.26 cm 0.054

  • Vialok® Vented Vial Access Devices Yukon Medical

     · Vented vial access devices can be used on a variety of vials. They feature a .2 micron filter that minimizes aerosols and surface contamination while neutralizing vial pressure. Non-vented vial access devices are a great choice for use on small, low volume vials. Vented vial access devices available in universal, 13mm, 20mm, and 28mm sizes.

  • Medical Spikes, Filters, and Caps Qosina

    Medical device spike assemblies are available to browse on our website. These non-sterile spikes are offered with or without a filter, and all are made to accommodate 20 drops/ml. Filters come in an array of sizes ranging from 0.45 micron to 25 micron.

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     · A vial adapter (40) for accessing a vial with a closure that includes a pierceable seal located over an opening of the vial is disclosed. The adapter has a housing (44) that can engage the vial. A medicament port (46) with a medicament lumen (72) and a vent port (48) with a vent lumen (82) are part of the housing (44).

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    Call Us. Medical professionals, medical facility employees 855.571.2100. Need help with SupplyManager? 800.422.0280. Accounts Receivable 800.453.5180

  • OnGuard® Vial Adaptor for 28 mm VialsB. Braun

     · OnGuard® Vial Adaptor. Benefits of OnGuard ® CSTD Majority of hazardous drug compounding can be done with just 3 SKU. Designed to reduce waste, help make implementations easier and reduce confusion. Just compound and go. No need to pre-prime or pre-activate the vial adaptor. Click to lock. No push and twist. Linear connection designed to

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    Medical Filters. DirectMed offers over 30 varieties of both Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic filters. Size and configuration of filters can be customized to suite your project needs as well. We can help you identify which Syringe Filters will work best for your application and we look forward to consulting with you regarding your project.

  • SmartSite Vented Vial Access DeviceBD

    1. 2. 3. This device partners with the Texium™ closed male Luer to provide closed-system access to drug vials. SmartSite™ needle-free valve includes Needle-free access to multiple-use vials. 0.2 micron hydrophobic air-venting filter provides Neutralization of vial pressure, minimizing aerosols and surface contamination. Eases drug extraction.

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     · T3003 150 mL four-bag aliquot system w/150 micron filter piercing pin and needleless access port 24 Neonatal/Pediatric Aliquot System Catalog # Description Case Qty 8" Platelet sampling set with bacterial detection vial adapter cap 48 BC Platelet sampling set with 10mL BD™ syringe and cap/vial adapter 24

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    Primary Sapphire™ Epidural Set, Microbore, Yellow-Striped Tubing, 0.2 Micron Filter, NRFit™ Connector, 119 Inch 119" / 302.26 cm 0.054

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    Small vial adapter with vented Material Filter (PALL) ABS PP (cap) Can help the medical staff avoid drug infection. (See in Pic 3) And we can glue Gen2 needleless connector on it. Or assemble the CA-016 on it. (See in Pic 2) Picture location

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     · Following is a breakdown of 510 (k) exempt and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)/Quality System exemptions listed by device class. All devices in this list are 510 (k) exempt unless further qualified by a footnote. Only devices annotated by ( *) are also exempt from GMP except for general recordkeeping requirements and compliant files.