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  • Hand Hygiene Why, How & When?WHO World Health

    expressed or implied. The responsibility for the interpretation and use of the material lies with the reader. In no event shall the World Health Organization be liable for damages arising from its use. HAND HYGIENE AND MEDICAL GLOVE USE • The use of gloves does not

  • Flowmeters When Every Drop Counts Equflow

    Medical Devices. Water Treatment. Flowmeters Disposable Single Use Series. Our turbine flowmeters measure flow using infrared reflections, a more detailed explanation can be seen in the video. Automatic calibration system for disposable single use solutions. Shop here. All products. Contact.

  • Intra-abdominal Pressure

    88-Czech/Česky 94-Turkish/Türkçe Instructions for Use • This is a single use device. Do not resterilize any portion of this device. Reuse and/or repackaging may create a risk of patient or user infection, compromise the structural • Check valves for controlling and directing flow

  • Spectrum Hollow Fiber MembranesRepligen

    Fully encapsulated in single-use modules, the membranes used in the hollow fiber filter modules from Repligen are constructed using four chemistries that are anisotropic in structure to deliver high flux rates, excellent separation, and low protein binding for higher product yields. Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes have a high density skin layer

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    HomeArmstrong Medical. About Us. Creating Support for Life. Headlines. Clinical studies & educational documents. History. A History of Innovation. News. Keep up to

  • Medical Disposable Products Manufacture Export India

    Established in 1988 and located at Ahmedabad, the Company commenced manufacture and export of quality medical disposable devices for single use only. SUSPL brands compare well with other leading brands with respect to quality, and also score by the competitive edge of price, owing to voluminous production. Read More. ×.

  • An evidence review of face masks against COVID-19 PNAS

    Jan 26, 2021 · The science around the use of masks by the public to impede COVID-19 transmission is advancing rapidly. In this narrative review, we develop an analytical framework to examine mask usage, synthesizing the relevant literature to inform multiple areas population impact, transmission characteristics, source control, wearer protection, sociological considerations, and implementation

  • Improving performance and longevity of medical devices

    A prescription for the medical industry a single supplier for turnkey coating equipment, advanced materials, and coating services. Oerlikon’s coatings are used on implants, instruments and other medical devices to help prevent infection and assist surgeons by helping remove glare and retaining sharp edges on surgical instruments.

  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Contactless Liquid Flow

    Ultrasonic flow meters of the SONOFLOW and SEMIFLOW series are designed for effective flow rate measurement on flexible and rigid plastic tubes. They rapidly and reliably measure the flow velocity and calculate real time flow rates of the liquids. Switching outputs allow switching on or off external devices such as pumps or valves.

  • Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU) Laerdal Medical

    LED display with indicators for suction, battery-level and more. Powerful and effective LSU can reach a vacuum of 500 mmHg and has a flow rate of >25 LPM, exceeding international standards. Canister options Available as a reusable or semi-disposable option, providing easy conversions between the canister systems.

  • Product Documentation Verathon Inc

    All brands AortaScan BladderScan GlideScope Scan Point. All Products AMI 9700 AVL Preterm / Small Child Reusable AVL Single Use BVI 3000 BVI 6100 BVI 6400 BVI 9400 BVI 9600 DLT Stylet GlideScope BFlex GlideScope Core GlideScope Go i10 Prime Plus Ranger Single-Use Rigid Stylet Single-Use Stylet (Large) Single-Use Stylet (Medium) Single-Use

  • Single-use solutions Biopharma Avantor

    Single-use solutions. Single-use products and systems enable greater flexibility and speed in biopharma manufacturing. Avantor’s open-architecture approach to single-use supports your bioprocessing workflows by reducing contamination risk, limiting changeover times, and keeping production lines running. Avantor is the only open-architecture

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    Smiths Medical Products As a leading global provider of medical devices and technologies, Smiths Medical provides solutions for the hospital, emergency, home and specialist environments.Browse through our range of products designed to impact the lives of patients throughout the world in critical and intensive care, surgery, post-operative care and home infusion therapies.

  • OES Pro Resectoscope Olympus America Medical

    Olympus Resectoscops feature innovations such as Snap-In Snap-Out locking components, unsurpassed ergonomics, and precise counterbalancing. In addition, color-coded sheaths, obturators, and a complete line of accessories can all be assembled quickly and easily. The Olympus family of resectoscopes also includes the Rotating Continuous Flow Resectoscope, which enhances ease of use by enabling

  • Suction PumpsAll medical specialitiesOlympus Medical

    Pulmonology Gastroenterology. The KV-6 Suction Pump is designed for endoscopic aspiration. The unique flow change buttons allow a fast vacuum build-up with a single touch. It has a 'whisper mode’ for quiet operation and ‘turbo mode’ for faster suction. Single-use

  • Scalable Single-Use Centrifugation SystemsSartorius

    Ksep ® systems are the first single-use centrifugation systems that are completely closed. These systems are fully-automated and designed to recover >97% of product by efficient product displacement from slurry. In addition, low-shear process ensures reduced downstream contaminiation (due to cellular debris or proteolytic enzymes) and high

  • Medical Face Mask Machine The Complete Guide for the

    Feb 17, 2020 · If it is an ordinary mask, it does not need to be sterilized, but the medical treatment requires the manufacturer to use a ring. Oxygen ethane (EO) sterilizer is disinfected. The mask was placed in an environment of 400 mg / L of ethylene oxide, and alkylation was applied to the hydroxyl group to make the microbial macromolecules inactive to

  • Flowmeter Selection Guide Types For ApplicationCole-Parmer

    Mar 31, 2021 · Single-Use flowmeters (Figure 1) are used in high hygiene applications such as biopharma, food, or semiconductor fabrication when a CIP option is not optimal. Sensor types include invasive sensors that come in contact with the working fluid and are discarded after each use and non-invasive models that do not come in contact with the working fluid and are therefore reusable.

  • Hollow Fiber Filters Repligen

    Ideal for ultrafiltration, diafiltration and microfiltration, single-use hollow fiber filters for tangential flow filtration are packed in housings engineered to handle high pressures, with a choice of fiber chemistries and sizes from process development to manufacturing.

  • StarMed CaStar hood for CPAP therapyIntersurgical

    Intersurgical offer the StarMed CaStar CPAP Hood for CPAP therapy which is a comfortable, versatile and lightweight CPAP patient interface designed to offer an alternative to traditional methods of CPAP delivery. The CaStar is well tolerated for extended periods and can reduce the risks associated with both endotracheal intubation and face mask use.

  • AEROCHAMBER* FLOW-VU* Chamber Trudell Medical

    People who use a valved holding chamber with their inhaler have better control of their respiratory symptoms. 1 To improve drug delivery, global respiratory guidelines recommend the use of a chamber device along with a metered dose inhaler (MDI) in patients of all ages. 2 Using an AEROCHAMBER PLUS* FLOW-VU* Chamber with your inhaler helps ensure your medicine is delivered where it is

  • Continuous Chromatography Sartorius

    BioSMB PD. BioSMB PD is an integrated single-use device for process development to fully automate a wide variety of chromatographic processes, including bind/elute chromatography and flow-through polishing. The BioSMB PD system is designed specifically for lab-scale process development and features Up to 16 column positions.

  • Medical Check Valves Qosina

    Single-use medical device check valve sample kits are also available for purchase and are ideal for testing our components with your design prior to purchase. For more information, including the potential for custom sourcing if you are unable to locate the component you need, please contact us.

  • European evidence-based recommendations for diagnosis and

    Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) is rare in children, and evidence-based guidelines are sparse. Consequently, management is mostly based on observational studies and physician's experience, and treatment regimens differ widely. The Single Hub and Access

  • Single-Use Pumps Quattroflow

    Quattroflow single-use pumps are available in a variety of sizesQF150, QF1200, QF2500, QF4400 and QF5050 (arranged in order of flow capacity). The smallest size, QF150, comes with a standard integrated controller. For all other sizes, a separate control box is available.

  • Manifolds Nordson MEDICAL

    Nordson MEDICAL is proud to introduce the first all-in-one manifold for pharmaceutical and single-use biopharmaceutical fluid transfer applications. The revolutionary design of this patent-pending, compact fitting not only saves space, but also simplifies use and assembly. With five ports available in one component, gone are the many leak

  • Oxygen Flowmeters Hospital Products Precision Medical

    Flowmeters. We offer a variety of flowmeters to meet any clinical application. Choose from compact designs that fit more easily into space-cramped wall rails, pediatric flowmeters with shock protection, multiple connection options, and more. Chrome Flowmeter.

  • VentrainVentinova Medical

    Feb 10, 2021 · Ventrain is a single use ventilation device, dedicated to manage and prevent difficult or challenging airway situations. Ventrain allows adequate ventilation in any patient (pediatrics emergency only), in combination with any narrow bore lumen ( e.g. transtracheal catheter Cricath , airway exchange catheter, rigid bronchoscope, etc.) via any

  • Integrated SolutionsBiotech Pall Corporation

    The downstream purification solution included single-use tangential flow filtration systems, fluid automation systems, mixers, and single-use chromatography systems. Added Value Our team delivered a cost effective end to end solution, within the required extremely tight time lines.